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Union Gospel Mission is one of the largest homeless shelters in Dallas, TX.

Their mission to end homelessness one person at a time is what sets them apart from many others. They do this by taking in over 700 homeless men, women, and children every month, and giving them food and shelter for one night. They also provide a way that the individuals can stay at the shelter for an extended period of time by becoming an active member of the UGM program, which teaches basic life skills and encourages spiritual growth. This is one of the most effective ways of taking someone who is down on their luck and truly getting them back on their feet. We, at lovelikety, have partnered with UGM and currently help by providing small Bible-based summer camps for the kids at the women's and children's facility, as well as helping maintain their multiple facilities and giving a monthly pledge .

Life School Waxahachie is a current recipient of one of the annual Lovelikety Scholarships. 

Ty Marlin attended Life School Waxahachie throughout his high school years and made quite the impact on many students, teachers, and staff members. To this day people still tell stories of Ty's unmistakable laugh and genuinely kind spirit. Life School has supported lovelikety in many ways since Ty's passing and we have recently had the pleasure of granting the first annual scholarship to a graduating student at Life School.



Dallas First Church has been one of lovelikety's biggest supporting foundations since the beginning. Many of the volunteers that make lovelikety so great come from the DFC community. It was here that Ty started learning music and became an incredibly skilled drummer. Ty had a passion for biblical education and sharing the message of Jesus with all. It seemed that Ty was always doing this by inviting new friends to church. It was here that many of us said our final goodbye to our friend, but his legacy lives on through so many that attend DFC.

Home church to Ty Marlin,

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