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We base our mission off of the example that our friend Ty left us. He lived his life for others with the belief that everyone should know the love of Christ, and because of that, his impact reached an incredible amount of people. 

Ty Marlin

Ty lived his life in a simple way. He loved God, sports, music, and people, and he had no idea that he was changing the world all around him. With two funerals in two different states, and over 1500 people gathered to honor him after his passing, it was evident that Ty left a huge impact on our world in his short 23 years.


Months after his passing, friends, families, and strangers were still sharing new stories of how they had a best friend named Ty, and they could tell you the time and place that he had made them feel loved and wanted.

Simple things like inviting people to play basketball, sitting with someone who was alone at lunch, or taking a friend out for coffee just for the purpose of getting to know them are just some of the ways that Ty loved others. Ty never neglected the simple acts of kindness. It didn’t matter who you were or what your story was, Ty was going to love and accept you. He loved God, and because of that, he loved you.